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Because nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, only transformed, so it is how the Yerovi Cueva family fulfilled their dream of presenting this enchanting place for all who have the pleasure of exploring our small but beautiful country. A country full of traditions, landscapes, living nature. Each one of our friends who visits us will have an unforgettable experience in Hostería San Luis.

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It is said that each place has a history, and Hostería San Luis is no exception.

The familiar sight with a spirit to fulfill a dream of offering an enchanting place near the NevadoCayambe. A place where you might like to stay to live, or at least return for a visit.

Hostería San Luis began as a hacienda in the mountains in the north of Ecuador. In 20 years it has been transformed into an agreeable hostel, tastefully decorated and having incomparable service.




Hacienda Hostería San Luis

Panamericana Norte Km 4 ½

Vía Tabacundo – Cajas

Sector Tupigachi / Tabacundo - Ecuador


 TELEPHONE: 2119033 / 2119044 / 2119059








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